Atlanta Soffit Repair

atlanta soffit repair

Prompt siding soffit repair can prevent further damage to the roof system. A quick patch can lessen home repair costs as long as the cause is detected and eliminated before repairs are made. Neglected soffits can be a haven for small animals, insects, and rot that can create problems in the overall structure of the house.

Before starting a siding soffit repair, it is important to identify and rectify what caused the damage to the soffit.

Rot: Wet rot is unusual to find on a properly protected soffit. However, dry rot and degradation caused by fungi, can be a problem for wood soffits. To treat this problem the affected wood must be removed and the surrounding areas painted with a fungi killing sealant.

Insect Damage: Insect damage should be treated by an exterminator before any repairs are attempted. Once again, removal of the affected wood and treatment for the surrounding areas is essential to prevent further damage.

Cracks: Cracks in a vinyl soffit are caused by very low temperatures or impact. Cracks in wood can be caused by improperly seasoned wood or by extreme climates. In either case, the affected soffit can be replaced without additional action.

Small Animals: Small holes or cracks within a soffit are often widened by animals such as birds, mice, and squirrels. They nest within the rafters and can damage structural members. Removing any nesting materials and repairing soffits quickly will prevent significant damage.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, concerns or if you would like to request a free estimate, we can answer all of your questions about your soffit & roof problems in person and help you determine the best possible solution to your situation.

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