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atlanta fascia repair

The board along your roof line is called the fascia, most often you already have gutters installed on top of your fascia boards, with or without gutters this board is susceptible to water damage (moisture penetration). If you take an awl or a screwdriver to the wood trim or the fascia, you can check for areas in need of repair by pushing into the wood. If you have little resistance, the wood has a problem. We have seen many jobs done by other companies that take shortcuts where wood that should have been replaced was just painted over to cover it up or gutters were installed on decaying wood, another favorite tactic is to cover these pieces with a thin board or metal flashing but the issue with this method is that the damage portions are left behind this covering. Repairing an existing fascia or installing a new piece makes more sense..

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, concerns or if you would like to request a free estimate, we can answer all of your questions about your fascia or roof problems in person and help you determine the best possible solution to your situation.

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